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Manual and electronic submission

Exercises should be submitted directly to the box (#1) in Schreiber Building in the ground floor.
To guarantee your submission you are encouraged to send a scanned copy of it to this moc.liamg|b5102mc#sserdda (this does not replace the usual way).


  1. Don't include a cover page. Write the student details above the first answer. Only the ID is needed.
  2. Don't include the printed questions pages.
  3. Don't hand in a nylon protector.
  4. Staple (more than once if needed).
  5. Write on both sides of the paper.

Most important: No personal extension (except for MILUIIM).

Exercises, solutions and grades


Checked exercises can be taken from Schreiber -1.
Grades are also available here: Spreadsheet
You can appeal your grade within a week from the grades publication date.

Exercises and solutions

Number Due Published Exercise Solution
1 March 31 (at 19:00) March 19 PDF PDF
2 April 29 (at 19:00) April 17 PDF PDF
3 May 13 (at 19:00) April 30 PDF PDF
4 May 31 (at 19:00) May 15 PDF PDF
5 June 10 (at 19:00) May 29 PDF PDF
6 June 21 (at 19:00) June 10 PDF PDF
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